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What is the vestibular system?

The vestibular system tells our bodies and heads where we are in relation to the surface of the earth. Are we upside down, sideways, on a roller coaster, or hanging from the side of a cliff?

The vestibular system helps us feel gravity so we can plan movements to control balance and bilateral coordination. It also plays a role in processing auditory language, visual-spatial relationships, emotions, adjusting heart rate and blood pressure, muscle tone, limb position, immune responses, arousal and balance (that’s a busy system!!).

So, how can we strengthen our children’s vestibular system?

For babies, rocking is best. Hold baby in your arms and rock side by side or front to back.

With older children make sure they use their bodies in different ways like swinging, rocking, jumping, spinning (how much fun is that!!), balance games, play obstacle course (Spring activity!), and even hanging upside down!!

Once a week I try a balance game to stimulate my vestibular system (hope is working!)

How many ways did you stimulate your vestibular system today?