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5 things you should plan for, before a family vacation

There’s nothing more exciting than Family Vacations, especially for children! At least that’s how I felt when I was younger…No, I still feel the same!

The planning, the anticipation, the packing, it’s all part of the fun! However, for some parents this can be an overwhelming situation. Depending on how old your kids are, this could mean, packing diapers, milk, and plenty of entertainment. Then we also have the changes in routine, nap time, meal times and bedtime!

Many parents prefer to have a stay-cation (vacation at home). But family vacations can be a great opportunity for the family to do something different, learn about another city or culture and to bond as a family. Does this mean that you can’t have a family vacation until all of your children are 18 and older? Absolutely…NOT! (plus, they won’t want to go on a family vacation by then!)

To make sure your family vacation is a success you must…

1. Plan ahead– The better prepared you are, the less stress you’ll have. So, give yourself plenty of time to plan, even if it’s a weekend trip! If you are staying at a hotel, make sure you know the amenities and places to eat around it. Plan what you might be doing for each day. That way you’ll know what you’ll need. Also, plan with your spouse how to discipline. I know traveling is supposed to be fun ALL the time, but in case a situation arises, you both have to be on the same page as to how to discipline your child during the vacation.

2. Plan the entertainment – Check for kid-friendly entertainment and places to visit. You don’t want to take them to many places where they are totally bored. Also, make sure you have entertainment for the plane/car/train ride. You can give them a camera, journal, books, cards, magazines, comic books, etc. to have fun while on you way to your destination.

3. Plan meal times – make sure you pack healthy snacks in your bag/purse that can alleviate the hunger until you find a place to eat.

4. Plan for bedtime– If at all possible, keep bedtime as close as to the real bedtime at home.

5. Plan to bring 1 or 2 personal items – With younger kids, make sure they can bring a special item, but not the most important one! You want them to feel secure, but if something happens to that special item, the vacation can be over in a second!

Always remember, the less stressed you are, the more fun you and your family will have. And that’s the point of a vacation, isn’t it?

Have you traveled with children? Are there any suggestions you can add? Help us!

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