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Spring is here!

  Spring is finally here!! (for some of us…)

Spring is time of growth, renewal, of new life being born. Spring is the transition period between Winter and Summer and well… is the time to finally go out and play!

Here are some outdoor activities ideas for the family…

  • Treasure Hunt – this activity encourages group cooperation and following directions.


  • Nature Walk – this activity encourages language development. This is a good activity to name the animals and their babies, talk about the different kinds of flowers and trees, their colors and scents…


  • Obstacle Course – this activity reinforces gross motor development and fitness (after many months of winter we ALL need some outdoor exercise!! Uff!)


  • Bubbles – this activity reinforces oral motor development.


  • Water Play – this activity…  is just FUN!! 🙂 

I love being outside in the Spring and smelling the flowers!! I plan on having my afternoon walks every day until Summer (too hot in Arizona for Summer walks)!!

What is your favorite outdoor activity to do in the Spring?