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How do kids learn? Part 2

Last week, we started talking about how kids (and we) learn. We learned that there are 7 styles and last week we talked about 3 of them: Linguistic, interpersonal and intrapersonal.

This week we will talk about 2 more learning styles logical and spatial.

Logical: This child is very mathematically inclined. They enjoy solving problems, especially if they are math related. They are very logical, straight-forward types of learners and they will ask many questions on how things work and how things relate to one another. Some of their favorite toys might be building blocks, and pattern puzzles. This type of student learns best by categorizing, classifying, and working with abstract patterns or relationships. As a parent, ask them to make a chart or to show relationships between different items. They will not only come up with an answer, but they will be able to explain the process and developmental stages of the relationship!

Spatial: These are the visualizers. They spend most of the day dreaming, watching movies, and staying as far away from reality as possible. If they seem particularly “down”, asking them to draw a picture will get you much further into the nature of the problem, than asking them to tell you about it. As a parent allow them to develop their senses and their natural artistic abilities and encourage any type of creative endeavor. They are very good at working with colors and pictures, and using the “mind’s eye“. Allow them to play a couple of educational computer games, or to daydream under a tree. They could be hard at work thinking about a particular problem, but have yet to put it on paper. These types of learners are very artistic, although they often have problems expressing it. 

Does your child (or you) lean towards either one of these learning styles?