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The battle of the homework!

The new school year is in full motion by now. Students know where to go and they are getting more comfortable with their teachers and peers. And now… the battle of the homework begins! For some students, it is hard to focus and do their homework at home. Parents also struggle because many want to help make this task easier but nothing seems to work.

Here are a few tips to help the homework battle be less… work!

  • Find a place for homework: Having a specific place (and time) for homework, makes it a routine, therefore, there is less struggle. It is simply something we must do. No arguments.
  • Review the instructions: Discuss with your child what the homework is about. This is also a great opportunity to tell your child that if they don’t understand something they should ask their teacher. This will teach them be responsible!
  • Start with the most difficult task: At the beginning of homework time, they might have more energy, so start with what’s more challenging.
  • Take breaks: This is especialy important with younger kids. Have frequent breaks and make sure that you also schedule some time for questions.

See? homework should be something they do everyday, it should be expected and not be a struggle. Homework time could also be a good time to get to know what kind of student your child is and maybe you’ll learn what is his/her learning type!

What other homework strategies have worked for your family?

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