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Barefoot is best!

Did you know that there are 200,000 nerve endings in the soles of our feet and toes? Have you ever told your children, they can’t go outside without shoes?

I remember my dad not letting me go outside without shoes, ever! It was a big deal to him. Actually, he didn’t even like it when we were barefoot INSIDE the house (which was always clean, thanks to my mom!). To this day I have no idea what he thought was so wrong about it. I guess i’ll call him and ask him.

However, podiatrists agree that barefoot is best for our feet. First of all, shoes do not follow the feet’s shape. We are squeezing our feet for hours in very uncomfortable shoes (I am guilty!), that leads to foot problems! Research shows that footwear can obstruct proper foot development (ouch!)

Here are a few reasons why barefoot is best for children (and adults too!):

* To feel and sense the world around them. This information helps them keep equilibrium.

* To stimulate the muscles of the feet and lower legs and help strengthen dozens of muscles and tendons as well as the joints around them including ankles, knees and hips.

* To reduce the risk for fungal infections (yuck!)

* To develop good posture.

* To improve children’s awareness of the things around them.

* To receive feedback from the ground making them look down less and making them be off balance and causes them to fall down less.

Now, when you go to the beach, or walk in the grass (making sure it’s safe first) or at home, take off your shoes!

So, go home, tell everyone in your family to take their shoes and socks off! Doesn’t it feel great?