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What’s typical language acquisition?

Although every child is different, these are some guidelines…

Babies start acquiring language since they are in the womb. But by the time they are 6 months old, they are vocalizing more and they respond when they hear their names!! (how cute is that!).

By their 1st year, they start saying some words or approximation of words. Although these words are not produced perfectly, they use these words with intention and consistently. Around this time they are also able to follow some simple directions such as give me the ball, come here, etc.

Around their 2nd year, their vocabulary explodes! They know about 250 words! (Be careful with what you say, they learn words quickly!). They use 1-2 word sentences.

Between ages 4 and 5, they expand their vocabulary and they learn best through pretend play. They answer basic questions, they can re-tell a story (not many details), and participate in conversation.

Keep in mind that each child is different and they learn differently. So, if your child is not doing some of these things, don’t panic yet!  If you have questions contact your pediatrician, your local school or contact ASHA to find a speech pathologist in your area.

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Language acquisition starts in the womb

Do you think babies can’t understand when you talk to them? Think twice! Research has shown that babies are able to discriminate between two languages, when they are born , if they are talked to in both languages in the womb.

Babies’ brains are very receptive to learning, so anything they see, hear, feel, smell or taste will help develop their brain and will make them ready for learning!

If you speak one language, or two or three, don’t be afraid (or embarrased) to talk to your child when they are still inside their mommy’s belly!

Here are 5 things (only 5, but you could do more!) you could do to help with language (or languages) acquisition:

1) Talk, talk, talk, and then… talk so me more… Talk to your child directly, tell them stories, or talk about your day at work!

2) Read- Reading is essential for language and literacy acquisition (more on these benefits on another post!)

3) Walk- Yes! walk around the house, the park, the stores, etc. Tell them about their environment. Name everything you see!!

4) Sing-ahh can’t say enough about how great it is to sing to babies!!!

5) Play- Playing is a child’s work!! That’s how they learn best!!

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