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My top 8 posts of 2010

2010 was definitely a year of changes for me! New business, started this blog, joined Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn!

I started this blog in February. It was late (very late) on a Saturday night (actually it was Sunday morning already!) and I just decided to do it! I was nervous and excited at the same time. I was thinking, who would (if anyone) read it? Would someone like it? What would I talk about? 

1o months later, I can tell you that I write what comes to mind, what I’d like to read or what I’d like to learn more about. I like to help my readers get ideas about things that I am passionate about, like language and music. But in the title of the blog I added more, because that allowed me to talk about anything else I found interesting!

I also know someone that ALWAYS reads it… my sister! I am thankful for her unconditional support! And I know of a few (woohoo!) people that have commented (on and off line) how helpful some of the posts are and that they really like it! So, 2011 we’ll continue with this blog!

And because the end of each year is all about reviewing our year, reflecting what we did (good and bad) and think about new beginnings, I reviewed all the posts I have written this year and I came up with my top 8 posts! How did I choose them? Some of them I just liked and some others I think they provided good info!

Here’s my top 8 blog posts of 2010!

1. A birth story: my experience. This is a favorite because the experience was amazing and one of a kind! I am happy to have shared this with all of you!

2. Language and music: Inseparable. I like this one because is a perfect demonstration of my 2 passions!

3. Growing up bilingual: Misa’s story. This is a really cool one because it came from a fan! (yes, I do have them!) and I can definitely relate to her story (a little)

4. How do I raise a bilingual child? . I like this one because it’s a question that, as a bilingual speech therapist, people ask me a lot!

5. Music benefits: language, social-emotional skills and literacy and math. I like all 3 posts, because as a Kindermusik educator, I understand and see how benefitial music is!

6. Your child and the dentist. Love this one because it was written by a fan and my dentist! Also, it’s my first blog post written by a guest.

7. Teachable moments. I like this one because it so important to be aware of those teacheable moments and I feel parents, caregivers and teachers don’t take advantage of them as much as they could.

8.Music @ home. This one was my first real blog! Very special!

Here I gave you MY top 8, which one(s) was your favorite? Happy New year!


Comments on: "My top 8 posts of 2010" (2)

  1. I dont have a favorite one because with all of them i learned something new. Please keep blogging for us. Thank you

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