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Could this be possible? To have a stress-free holiday? Well, I am all about being positive  but I really don’t think there’s such thing! Stress-free means that you are not doing anything and during the holidays there are lots to do. However, we can plan to have a fun holiday and not let the stress ruin the day. So, I guess the title of this blog should’ve been How to enjoy your holidays (even though there’s a lot to do!), but it was too long. So, here are my 4 tips…

  1. Plan ahead: Is there anything you can do before the holiday season starts? If you know you are having guests for Thanksgiving or Christmas, start preparing in October. You can buy and wrap presents, and who said you couldn’t decorate the Christmas tree before Thanksgiving?
  2. Clean the house: One of the main things we like (and ought) to do is clean the house. Start earlier (see tip #1) and tackle one room at a time. Make it fun and involve your kids. Have some drinks, some cookies, put on some music and clean away!
  3. Make a list: Make a Christmas list, a shopping list, a cleaning list, a guest list, etc. After you finish a task from each list cross it out, put a check mark, or highlight it, and reward yourself! (Starbucks, anyone?)
  4. Small Steps: If you start early (tip #1) and know what you need (tip #3), then you can do everything in small steps. Another main reason people stress during the holidays is that they want  to accomplish everything in 1 or 2 days… before the holidays! Don’t commit to something impossible, it leads to frustration.

Well, as I write these I am writing my first list: My Thanksgiving dinner guest list! How exciting! How about you? 

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Comments on: "4 tips for a stress-free holiday!" (2)

  1. Jeanette Cabrera said:

    Mi lista mas importante?, los regalos.

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