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Some of you that know me, know how I excited I was when my two friends asked me if I wanted to be with them during the birth of their first baby girl. When my friend called me and told me that she and her husband, wanted me to “help” them during the delivery, I said yes without thinking about it. Although I have one niece and a nephew,  and I was the first person they saw when they came out of the delivery room, I have never been inside the delivery room. So, I thought “what an honor, and what an experience that must be”.

But I have to be honest, I was a little scared that I couldn’t handle it. But after the experience, I have to say, if you haven’t been present during the delivery of someone you care for, try it! It’s such an amazing experience!

I know this blog post is a little different than my usual tips and advice about music, language and child development. But I really wanted to share this amazing experience with all of you.

Although we (mother-to-be, father-to-be and me) were in the hospital for about 27 long hours, waiting for the baby to be ready to come out, it wasn’t that bad (the new mom also agrees… now). After the first 15 hours, her contractions were getting stronger. When someone is in that much pain, what is one to do? Nothing I could say was going to help her. I really wanted to do something but I felt useless. Here is my friend in pain, i’m supposed to be helping and I can’t do anything. But I was hoping I was giving her some moral support. I tried everything.

And that’s when the most beautiful thing (at that time) happened…epidural! Now, everybody has their own opinions and can make their own decisions about this. However, my friend decided to get the epidural and I have to say, her face completely changed! So, around 6am she finally started to get some rest (thanks to the epidural) and I was still doing ok!

The rest of the day was…well… uneventful. Then, 5pm came and so did the pressure/contractions. Let me tell you, that was painful! But when we were pushing (yes, we were ALL pushing at this point!) she felt better and we were making some progress. By 6pm the beautiful baby girl was born! I can’t even explain the emotion I felt when I saw that baby come out, she was just inside! We were all excited to finally meet her and now… she’s here! It is truly a miracle of life! 

Now, mom, baby (and daddy) are doing wonderful. And this “aunty” is very happy to have been present during this exciting moment.

So, to all the mothers out there, many blessings to you! Carrying the baby for 40 weeks does not look easy. Then comes the pushing, or getting epidural, or surgery. But no matter how you delivered that baby, I can understand now a little better your pain, and how scary and confusing the situation can be.

Thanks to my friends for letting me be part of this magical, and truly amazing experience. And who knows, maybe soon i’ll be writing about my own birth story… 😉

Do you have any birth stories you want to share with us?

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Comments on: "A birth story: My experience" (6)

  1. Truly touched by this story!!!

  2. Jeanette Cabrera said:

    Preciosa historia. Esperamos la tuya pronto.I love you.

  3. Cant hardly wait for your baby story!!!

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