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Save the environment!

April is Save the Environment Month, and we celebrated Earth Day’s 40th anniversary on April 22nd! Helping the planet is not something a few people or some governmental agencies should do, it’s something we all can help with! With a few easy tips you can teach your child how to do things that are more environmentally friendly.
The first thing you should do is, Do-it-yourself. Your child will most likely follow your model at everything you do! If you want them to be more “green”, then you have to be more “green”. So, pick up that trash and turn off those lights! Let’s do it together!

Here are some simple things that you can do:

  •  Donate– Pick up a few toys every year that the children don’t play with anymore. Let them choose which ones they want to donate! Not only you are reusing, but they will also learn the concept of giving!
  • Use reusable shopping bags– These bags are everywhere! Nearly every store has them! You will teach your children how to decrease the use of plastic bags and waste.
  • Do you have some half-used paper? Some old ribbons? old boxes? Glue? Maybe stickers and glitter? Make some craft, some art work, make a notebook! You will teach your children the concept of reusing and this helps with creativity and self-esteem!
  • If they are older, you can sit down and talk to them about the eco-friendly choices we can make every day, such as turning off the lights, turning off the TV, and turning off running water! 
  • Take a nature walk or ride the bike– It is safer for the planet, you are exercising and it is a great way to bond with your child!
  • Eat more salad– Have your child prepare it with you! Not only is better for the environment to consume less meat, it’s healthier!
  • Recycle-find out what can you recycle in your neighborhood and get some containers for each item.  Have a friendly contest with your children to see who can find more things to recycle at home!
  • Don’t throw trash on the street! Do I need to explain this one?
    No matter what you do, your child will learn it better because they are doing it with you!

           What eco-friendly choices are you making?


Comments on: "Save the environment!" (2)

  1. Excellent!, we do the same in my home & yes kids will foolow what they see!

    I have also totally converted my home to toxin & chemical free household & personal care products. THey are not only safer for the environment, but also for the home. My family is safer & healthier for it, and I save money too! It is awesome, going green is great!!!

    • That is wonderful to hear! And the best thing of all this is that you don’t have to do it all at once! Taking small steps is really helpful too! Are you making our own cleaners or buying them? (you don’t have to mention the brand!! ;))

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