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Teachable Moments

Have you ever told a child (your own or related) that he/she should do something and explained why?  Well, that was a teachable moment!!


What is a teachable moment? A teachable moment is a natural educational opportunity that comes unplanned where a teacher, parents or caregivers have the chance to offer some insight/teach something. 

Why is this important to know? As a teacher, parent or caregiver is important to pay attention to these moments as they are when the child or student will be able to learn the “lesson” better. Teachable moments maximize the impact of the learning experience, because the child/student is more aware or responsive to learn. Teachable moments are spontaneous, natural, easier and immediate. The child is LIVING the VALUE of a lesson!

What can I teach? The lesson could be a skill, a value, information, a moral value, about the world, about their bodies, about relationships, or even how to deal with emotions. Anything!

Where can you have a teachable moment? At home, walking in the park, at the shopping mall, in the car… ok you get it, anywhere!

What to do? Observe, follow your child’s lead, and be aware of situations where they are struggling or maybe values or skills you want your child to learn because you consider them important.

Examples of real situations that can turn into a teachable moment

  • Grocery shopping could become a teachable moment for health and nutrition.
  • Kids arguing about a toy could become a teachable moment for sharing/disagreement.
  • You finish drinking a soda is a good opportunity to talk about recycling.
  • Put on your seatbelt and teach them about responsibility and self-care.
  • Having trouble with fractions? Order pizza!!

Chances are that if you are a parent, teacher, older sibling, aunt, uncle, older cousin, grandparent, or godparent, you have taught a child something at some point. You probably took advantage of a teachable moment a thousand times and you didn’t even know!!

It has been said that if the child asks about it, they are ready to learn about it!

What teachable moment have you experienced lately?



Comments on: "Teachable Moments" (4)

  1. fernando said:

    Could’ve used more pizza growing up!! I couldn’t agree you more. I’ve personally found teachable moments in group settings as well. For instance, I’d “teach” one child while the others observe and then reinforce the teachable moment by letting them do their curiosity-driven Q&A session. Sometime feels like peer-review for kids. But very valuable as you mention for making your personal impact on children’s lives. 🙂

    • Thanks for mentioning the group idea. I didn’t include anything about situations with more than one child, but you are absolutely right! It works too and they all get to learn from each other’s experiences! Keep it up! And now you know the value of eating pizza!! Thanks so much for your comment!

  2. Jeanette Cabrera said:

    Excelente. muchas gracias me sera muy util.

    • I am glad to help. This is something we all do, but when we are aware of it, we can can have many more teachable moments throughout the day. Keep it up!

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