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Music @ home

March is Music in our Schools Month. This is an annual event by The National Association for Music Education (MENC). But this event doesn’t have to be EXCLUSIVE for schools! You can start your monthly, Music Day or Music Week at home! Here are some suggestions for you and your family to start music time:                                                              


  • gather all of your favorites CDs
  • if you have an iPod or iTunes, you can set a Favorites Playlist
  • organize your playlist by music style (latin, jazz, salsa, pop, etc) or by family member’s favorites!
  • don’t forget the youngest people in the family! they too have some favorite songs!
  • Once you have your playlist…just dance, dance, dance!
  • Also play some instruments (any kitchen utensil will do!)

This will be a great workout for you and your family. You will have fun and will create special moments together!!!
What’s in your playlist??


Comments on: "Music @ home" (4)

  1. Jeanette said:

    En mi “playlist” tengo Baby loves salsa y Kindermusik CD’s.

    • You could include something you like as well. It is good to expose your baby to different rhythms and styles of music! Have fun!! Keep it up!

  2. fernando said:

    Sounds like a fun activity – I hear music and learning instruments can help children with math, etc. Does this also apply to speech development?
    Also, I’m curious on your thoughts on using bilingual music or music in different languages? Can we start young or do we wait until they have a solid grasp on one language?

    • Yes, you are correct! Music and instrument play DOES help children with math (and many other academic areas). Music definitely helps with speech development! For children, repetition is a must! They learn best when things are presented to them many times and in various ways. Songs are easier to memorize and can really help increase vocabulary. Regarding your questions about bilingual exposure, early is always better… Actually, you might want to check out my next post next week…is about bilingual language aquisition! Stay tuned… 🙂

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